Cooperation in research and development

Employees of the Department of Mechanics and the VP3 research program cooperate with a number of national and foreign universities, other research institutions and industrial companies. We are open to interesting basic, applied and contract research projects.

Our partners

Our most important partners from universities and research institutions include:

Our most important industrial partners are:

The Department of Mechanics is a partner of AVL List GmbH within its University Partnership Program. Students and employees of the Department of Mechanics have the opportunity to use the AVL EXCITE software, which is designed for computer modelling and dynamic analysis of road vehicle drives, including internal combustion engines. The AVL EXCITE software is mainly focused on the analysis of rotating components supported by hydrodynamic bearings, contains a comprehensive EHD module and allows working with reduced models of flexible bodies.

Cooperation offer

Department of Mechanics offers its scientific capacities and modern research and laboratory equipment to assist you with your projects. You are welcome to utilize our practical experiences and deep theoretical knowledge in many fields of classical mechanics, mechanics of materials, mechanics of fluids and biomechanics. We offer the possibility of cooperation with experts in the form of research projects or diploma or dissertation theses.