MYMOSA-MotorcYcle and MOtorcyclist SAfety

  • Číslo projektu: FP6-035965-1
  • Řešení: 2006 - 2010
  • Řešitel: Ugo Galvanetto
  • Příjemce: Imperial College, dept. Aeronautics


The overall objective of the research project is the improvement of PTW safety and riders safety leading to a significant reduction of injuries and fatalities of motorcyclists. This objective will be reached by generation of know-how (accidentology, accident dynamics, biomechanics), development of simulation tools, predictive models and new protective equipment concepts and a new safety vision through the implementation of integrated safety (new devices, sensors, control systems). The research project itself serves as a vehicle to train Early Stage Researchers and to create a transfer-of-knowledge on the subject of the project.

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