Výpočtová mechanika 2018

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Adámek VítězslavBez příspěvku
Balda MiroslavBez příspěvku
Beneš KarelSpecifics of (virtual) development in e-mobility
Brož PetrLife of composite bridges
Bublík OndřejSimple flight controller based on FlowPro-Matlab coupling
Bula VítězslavBez příspěvku
Cimrman RobertSensitivity analysis of total energy in electronic structure calculations
Čečrdle JiříAeroelastic analysis of turboprop commuter aircraft with tip-tanks
Denk PetrThe study of possibilities towards to extending the hybrid electric vehicle mathematical model by predictive control algorithm
Dlhý PavolAnalysis of crack growth in 3D printed plastic wrench
Dupal JanModelling of the turbine blade by new finite element
Ďuriš RastislavBez příspěvku
Dyk ŠtěpánInfluence of friction force description on fretting wear considering stick-slip phenomenon
Falta JiříCoordinate-free formulation of the cutting process
Fischer CyrilEstimation of Lyapunov exponents of discrete data series
Fürst JiříNumerical simulation of non-stationary flows in water jet cutting nozzles
Guran ArdeshirTreatment of gait disorder in a child with mild cerebral palsy
Guran ArdeshirMechanical and surgical correction of a knee varus deformity in a 14 years old boy
Hájek PetrOn the FE modelling of vocal folds pathologies
Havelková LindaAnalysis of stretch and stress distribution in pelvic floor structures during vaginal delivery using computer modeling
Havlík LukášBez příspěvku
Heidler VáclavFree surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method
Horáček JaromírExperimental and computational modelling of phonation
Houdek VáclavAn efficient approach to model dynamics of a small engine crankshaft
Hrouda AlešFEM simulation of elasto-plastic tube indentation
Chamrad JakubHydroxyapatite coating influence on performance of bone-implant contact in cranioplasty: Finite element study
Jonášová AlenaBez příspěvku
Kepka MiloslavBez příspěvku
Kepka Jr. MiloslavProbabilistic approach to prediction of fatigue life
Klesa JanInfluence of the cooling bypass on the aircraft nozzle outflow
Kolman RadekWave propagation in graded bars
Kovář LuděkBez příspěvku
Kraus KarelActive multidimensional vibration absorbers for light structures
Krejčová MiladaMyosin, numerical position determination and mechanical properties
Krivošej JanDesign of structure and control of planar robots with rigid and cable components
Kruis JaroslavNumerical simulation of chloride transport in concrete
Kruisová AlenaEffective elastic properties of 3D printed auxetic metamaterials
Křen JiříA comparative analysis of treatment of a supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture under axial load and torque
Kulíšek ViktorInfluence of material stiffness and damping on dynamic behaviour of production machines
Laš VladislavBez příspěvku
Lisický OndřejInfluence of vertebrae and intervertebral disc on stresses in abdominal aortic aneurysms
Lobovský LiborBiomechanics of pelvic ring fixation techniques
Luxa MartinBez příspěvku
Lyu WenleDevelopment of a simple helmet finite element model
Machalová JitkaSolution of bending and contact problems for Gao beam using control variational method
Marcián PetrBiomechanical study of bone-dental implant interactions using patient-specific approach and multiscale computational modeling
Marvalová BohdanaBez příspěvku
Moroczová LýdiaAnalysis of metal built-up members
Musil JosefNumerical simulation of free-surface flow over a weir with non-reflective outlet boundary conditions
Naď MilanElimination of edge-chipping phenomenon during rotary ultrasonic drilling
Náhlík LubošInfluence of humidity of environment on fatigue crack propagation in railway axle
Náprstek JiříLagrange and Appell-Gibbs approaches in problems of non-holonomic dynamic systems
Nováček VítUrogynecologic surgical mesh and associated complications: Can computational biomechanics help?
Oplt TomášNumerical modelling of plasticity induced crack closure
Padovec ZdeněkDesign and analysis of shaft and bonded joints for electric car gearbox
Pavlata PetrComputer simulation of the frontal collision of the articulated urban bus into the column of the traffic board portal
Pecka AlešFlutter boundary assessment for a blade cascade using developed discontinuous Galerkin code
Petríková IvaBez příspěvku
Plánička StanislavBez příspěvku
Příhoda JaromírSimulation of supersonic flow through the tip-section turbine blade cascade with a strong shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction
Půst LadislavDamping of flutter oscillations by dry friction contacts
Radolf VojtěchExperimental simulation of unilateral paralysis of human vocal folds
Radová JanaOptimal control method for solution of inverse problem
Rohan EduardOn approaches, methods and problems related to wave dispersion in porous media
Sanchez-Alvarado AlbertoIntra- and inter-somatotype differences in a manual material handling task
Sedláček RadekBez příspěvku
Schuster MilanElementary approach to monitoring and evaluation of aerodynamics simulations of moving parts in computational domain
Slávik OndrejNumerical simulation of a cylindrical fatigue specimen loaded under mixed-mode conditions
Sommer TomášInfluence of the pilot on the modal parameters of the control system lightweight aircraft
Steinbauer PavelMechatronic modal hammer
Straka PetrPrediction of hub-seal effect on efficiency drop in axial turbine stage
Sváček PetrFinite element method application for fluid structure interactions: Mathematical background and implementation
Šedlbauer DavidOptimized Wang Cubes for reconstruction of heterogeneous materials
Šika ZbyněkControl of vibration suppression of plate with a grid of actuators and sensors
Šístek JakubCombining adaptive mesh refinement with a parallel multilevel BDDC solver
Šklíba JanBez příspěvku
Škoda JanSelf-oscillation of the two-axis gyroscopic stabilizer
Šnábl PavelNon-linear vibration of planar case of three-blade bundle with dry friction contacts
Špirk StanislavTramway front end design safe for pedestrian
Štembera VítězslavFast calculation of collapse load of shell structures
Štorkán JaroslavModeling of the mechanical behavior of polymer hydrogels
Valášek JanThe numerical simulation of human phonation
Vancl DanielBez příspěvku
Vimmr JanBez příspěvku
Volech JiříControl of vibration suppression and motion control by piezo actuators
Vychytil JanDevelopment of a personalized musculoskeletal human shoulder model
Wollent ZsoltBez příspěvku
Zajíček MartinBez příspěvku
Zámečníková TerezaFE analysis of the T-profile for airplane door
Zaoral FilipApplication of the harmonic balance method for investigation of dynamic parameters of the rotors mounted on linear/nonlinear coupling elements
Zavřel JanModeling of mechanical properties of macroporous hydrogel
Zeman VladimírNonlinear vibration of the nuclear reactor with clearances in core barrel couplings
Zítka TomášGeometrical model of muscle attachment sites in hand
Zrůbek LukášWang tiles and metal foam micro-structure image synthesis


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