Computational Mechanics 2019

Registered participants and their talks
Balon AlešOptimization and control of mechatronic tensegrity for robotics
Beneš PetrSHAVO control of a morphing wing
Běták VojtěchComparison of two numerical approaches for simulation of fire with radiative heat transfer into solid walls
Bittner VáclavMathematical model for determining the viscoelastic properties of soft tissues using indentation tests
Brož PetrStructural elements of multifloor frames
Brůha JanVibration analysis of a turbine blading with frictional inter-blade couplings
Bublík OndřejFast pressure prediction along the NACA airfoil using the convolution neural network
Bulín RadekOverview of absolute nodal coordinate formulation and usage of recently formulated finite elements
Cimrman RobertOptimization of pseudopotentials for electronic structure calculations
Čečrdle JiříWhirl flutter-related certification of turboprop aircraft
Denk PetrThe optimization of the driving power distribution between power units of the HEV powertrain based on the velocity profile
Dlhý PavolFracture mechanics description of the defect in rolling cylinder
Dohnal MiloslavSplit Hopkinson Bar technique in a tensile test
Dvořák Václav Experimental investigation of fan for personal protection equipment – influence of number of blades
Dyk ŠtěpánMethods for linearized analysis of floating ring bearings
Fischer CyrilSensitivity of the generalized van der Pol equation to sub- or superharmonic resonance
Fürst JiříNumerical simulation of non-equilibrium wet steam flow in a turbine cascade
Guran ArdeshirClinical gait analysis of a 16 years old patient with walking difficulties after surgery
Hajžman MichalMultibody modelling and numerical simulations in drive train dynamics of road vehicles
Halamka VojtěchOptimization of velocity feedback control parameters of machine tools drive axis
Handrik MariánStructural analysis of parts made by 3D printing reinforced with long fibers
Havlík LukášNo talk
Heczko JanRubber ageing at elevated temperature – model calibration
Houdek VáclavInterpolation of suspension kinematics for the purpose of vehicle dynamics simulation
Hračov StanislavStudy of aeroelastic interference effect among four cylinders arranged in rectangular configuration
Kába OndřejApplication of semi-analytical solution for transient wave propagation in 1D layered medium to various optimisation problems
Kaňáková SandraInfluence of elevated temperature on motorcyclist protective equipment
Karlíček Jindřich3-DOF planar manipulator utilizing compliant joints with variable stiffness
Klesa JanInfluence of distributed electrical propulsion (DEP) on wing airfoil characteristics
Kovář LuděkNo talk
Kratochvíl AlešFlutter problems of electrically powered aircraft
Kraus KarelLQR control of multi-DoF absorber for planar robots
Krejčová MiladaFeedback control of myosin head
Kropík BohumilNo talk
Kruisová AlenaDispersion errors for wave propagation in thin plate due to the finite element method
Křen JiříA comparative analysis of four implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur
Kult JaroslavNo talk
Kutiš VladimírNo talk
Kuželka JiříFire ladder test simulation
Lasota MartinComputational aeroacoustics in a human vocal tract
Macháček MichaelNo talk
Malá AnnaFinite element analysis of composite tubes with integrated loop connections
Medůna OndřejProtective helmet behavior under dynamic load
Mitterová Hana No talk
Molčan MichalDemonstration of the developed procedure for the computation of the nonlinear steady-state response on practical examples
Moravcová FannySensitivity analysis for an almost periodic unsteady flow problem; application to turbo-machinery modelling
Moravec JanTuning of position control loop of machine tools based on experimentally identified mechanical model
Murín JustínInfluence of longitudinal variability of material properties in non-uniform torsion of FGM beams
Musil JosefNo talk
Naď MilanUltrasonic stepped horn design with adaptive modal properties
Náprstek JiříSystem response with random imperfections in coefficients on the space of realizations
Nosek TomášESI Group solution for composite materials
Okrouhlík MiloslavTimeline of stress wave propagation tasks in the Czech Republic, personalities and their achievements – an incomplete and biased insider view
Oplt TomášFatigue crack front curvature due to the plasticity induced crack closure
Padovec ZdeněkExperimental and numerical evaluation of composite part strength
Pavlata PetrUse of FEM in traffic accident analysis
Petruška JindřichFormulation, calibration and application of ductile fracture criteria under monotonic loading
Plánička FrantišekNo talk
Poduška JanModelling of large plastic deformation of polyethylene for geomembranes
Pochylý FrantišekNo talk
Poláček LukášEnergy saving of bipedal walking mechanism
Polach PavelSelf-excited and flow-induced vibrations of a rotor supported on journal bearings
Prausová HelenaNumerical and experimental investigation of compressible viscous fluid flow in minichannels
Příhoda JaromírEffect of various boundary conditions on the supersonic flow through the tip-section turbine blade cascade with a flat profile
Rendl JanGalerkin method for approximate modelling of finite-length journal bearings
Rolník LadislavApplication of structural modification for beam vibration control
Rosenberg JosefApplication of the entropy based criteria on the ECG analysis
Rudolf PavelLagrangian tracking of cavitation bubble
Růžička MilanInfluence of notches on mechanical properties of machine parts
Sága MilanContribution to computational analysis of tightness prediction of complex technical systems
Sedláček RadekNo talk
Slávik OndrejLifetime estimation of polyoxymethelene under mixed-mode loading conditions
Steinbauer PavelVibration-based health monitoring of lighting poles
Straka PetrNumerical simulation of the one-and-half axial turbine stage properties
Sváček PetrOn modelling and simulation of flow in the vocal tract with consideration of the glottis closure
Šika ZbyněkPlanar and spatial active resonator absorbers for robotics
Šika ZbyněkMotion control and vibration suppression of advanced robotic structures
Špička JanUtilization of virtual human body model Virthuman in the mountaineering safety
Špirk StanislavThe most dangerous factors for child passenger collisions in the interior of a rail vehicle
Štorkán JaroslavModelling of swelling and deformations of homogeneous hydrogel
Tinoco Hector AndresLoading condition monitoring on trusses applying a machine learning approach with training data of a finite element model: A study case
Trávníček LukášFatigue crack propagation in a component produced by additive manufacturing of polymer materials
Uruba VáclavOn 3D dynamical structure of the wake behind circular cylinder
Valášek JanThe influence of penalization inlet boundary condition on the stability boundary
Vaško MilanMethodology of prediction of dilatation gap between aluminum segments of vulcanization molds based on thermal-stress analysis
Voldřich JosefHydrodynamically lubricated contact between axial rings of the pinion and the wheel of a high-speed gearbox: Contribution to numerical assessment
Volech JiříVibration suppression and shape change of thin plate by clusters of actuators
Vrána JiříUse of dynamic damper in hydromechanics
Vychytil JanNumerical analysis of a passenger safety during a railway vehicle collision: The effect of safety belts
Winter OndřejNumerical approximation of fluid flow problems by discontinuous Galerkin method
Wollent ZsoltNo talk
Zapoměl JaroslavDesign concepts of controllable hydrodynamic bearings lubricated by magnetically sensitive oils for the vibration control of rotors
Zavřel Jan3D printer modification for printing of HEMA hydrogel
Zeman VladimírGeneralized modal reduction method in dynamics of mechanical systems
Zrůbek LukášLocal tilings informed synthesis of micro-mechanical fields by means of Wang tiles
Žák JosefProblematics of large batch winding of technical fabrics
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