Computational Mechanics 2023

Registered participants and their talks
Beneš PetrOptimization of non-collocated active spatial vibration absorbers
Bublík OndřejExamining Vortex-Induced Vibration through Convolutional Neural Networks
Byrtus MiroslavSubcritical behaviour and stability of a rigid rotor supported by undulated journal bearings
Cimrman RobertDynamics of a cantilever beam with piezoelectric sensor: parameter identification
Čečrdle JiříUpdating of Jet Trainer Aircraft FE Model According to Results of Ground Vibration Test
David PetrOptimizing car tailgate design through truss topology optimization
Demovič DanielBlowing through connection edges of a Y-shaped inlet channel for flow distortion reduction
Dráždil KarelUncertainties in gear mesh excitation of electric drives
Dyk ŠtěpánAnalysis of autoparametric double pendulum
Ezenwankwo JohnsonCompressional behaviour of plain woven fabric
Fischer CyrilAdaptation of methods for cyclo-stationary processes for noisy structural health data
Fleischerová BeátaDevelopment of meso-scale discrete model for simulations of ballistic experiments
Frost MiroslavNumerical implementation of incremental minimization principle for materials with multiple rate-independent dissipative mechanisms
Fürst JiříNo talk
Goga VladimírRotation of the flap controlled by the air flow from the fan – educational mechatronic system
Hájek LukášResolving Flow Around Tandem Cylinders with RANS-LES Hybrid Methods
Halamka VojtěchDesign, simulation and control of a biomechanical model of the upper limb
Havlík LukášNo talk
Henyš PetrMeasurement of paraphysiological strain in entire bones using digital volume correlation.
Hermann DenisPerformance comparison between ducted fan driven by ICE and electric motor
Horák LukášNumerical simulation of the adhesive interface
Hosseinkhani AliVibration attenuation properties of piezoelectric metamaterial plates
Hrabačka MartinModeling and implementation of joints in 2D multibody dynamics considering chosen imperfections
Hron DavidNo talk
Kawulok MarekDamage detection study for a pedestrian cable-stayed bridge using ANSYS
Klesa JanAxial compressor airfoil optimization
Kořista MilanDimensionless form of straight pipe pressure loss formula
Kovář PatrikAbout the appropriate neural network size for the engineering applications
Kraus KarelDynamically isotropic planar mechanism of vibration absorber
Kreuzová TerezieComplex transonic phenomena in Critical flow Venturi nozzle
Krivošej JanEnergy-Efficient Control Strategy of Exoskeleton of Upper Limb
Kutiš VladimírNo talk
Liberová StanislavaAssessment of solid lubricants for the wheel–rail interface
Louda PetrNumerical simulations of finite compressor cascade in 2D and 3D
Luciová AnnaGeometric model of nonwoven fabric for homogenization of mechanical properties
Malá AnnaEfficient Methods for Calculating Equivalent Stiffness of Circular Composite Tubes: Insights for Structural Design Optimisation
Michálek TomášModelling of secondary suspension for electric multiple unit
Mokhtar Abdul AhadExperimental moose test
Moravcová FannyTemperature influence on the acoustic streaming of viscous fluid in a confining layer
Moravec JanThe effect of feed drive axes dynamics on the wearing of linear guidways
Moskovka AlexejNumerical minimization of energy functionals in continuum mechanics using hp-FEM in MATLAB
Naď MilanEffect of prestress on modification of modal properties of planar structures
Náhlík LubošRole of air humidity in residual fatigue lifetime of railway axle
Náprstek JiříAnalyzing stochastic stability of a gyroscope through the stochastic Lyapunov function
Nocarová JanaNo talk
Otta Josef No talk
Padovec ZdeněkCalculation of Stresses in Filament-Wound Dome/Cylinder Joint Using Influence Coefficients
Páleník RadekComparison of co-rotational and other algorithms for geometrically nonlinear static analysis with small strains
Papáček Štěpán On tank hydrodynamics of recirculating aquaculture systems: Computational fluid dynamics modeling and its validation
Pařez JanOn prediction of non-uniform temperature fields in heat analysis of aero engines using machine learning approach
Paulech JurajCalculation of the stresses in the tapered FGM beams with varying stiffness
Pawlik VítFeature selection for high-order neural unit based identification
Petríková IvaNo talk
Plánička StanislavNo talk
Pokatilov GlebPeriodic homogenization of structural metamaterials
Polach PavelOn a stepladder model walking (with and without a decorator)
Rágulík JiříOptimization of wheel suspension geometry using a genetic algorithm
Rendl JanInfluence of static unbalance on rotors with various journal bearing types
Rohan EduardAcoustic waves and transport in porous structures
Rolník LadislavNo talk
Růžička MilanFatigue Life Assessment of the Agitator Mixer Shaft
Sedláček RadekNo talk
Sláma VáclavComplex simulation procedure to predict flutter of steam turbine rotor blades
Středulová MonikaCircular representative volume element for discrete model of concrete
Šika ZbyněkSimulation of mechanism with frictional effects combining physical models and machine learning regression models
Šnábl PavelModelling of pulse-triggered running waves on a blade cascade
Uher OndřejConceptual study of non-cylindrical tank for gaseous fuels
Valášek Jan Aeroacoustic simulation of human phonation
Valášek MichaelThe magic of angles
Vimmr JanNo talk
Vomáčko VáclavValidation of Thermoplastic Composites Forming Simulations
Zajac ZbyněkPropensity assessment of tensile surface structures to water ponding
Zapoměl JaroslavA short study on self-balancing of vertical rotors mounted in passive contactless bearings
Zavřel JanExperimental identification of friction model parameters for selected materials
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