Výpočtová mechanika 2017

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Barraclough VeronikaExperimental Investigation of Vortex Structures in Vicinity of Hyperboloid-Shaped Model by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry Measurement
Bartošák MichalFEM implementation of unified viscoplastic Chaboche model
Bartošák MichalStructural-acoustic analysis of air duct using FEM
Beneš PetrControl of flexible 2D mechanical structure by multiple planar piezoelectric patches
Bońkowski TomaszBez příspěvku
Boušková VeronikaA virtual musculoskeletal model of hand and its application for PC-mouse development
Brůha JanModelling of turbine blades with tie-boss contacts
Bublík OndřejFlowPro: multipurpose numerical software written in JAVA
Čečrdle JiříSome Special Techniques for Preparation of Aeroelastic Stick Models
Čekan MichalMeasurement and optimization of the abdominal retractor end effectors
Denk PetrMathematical model of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle for driving consumption optimization
Fischer CyrilNumerical assessment of stability of the ball vibration absorber
Fumfera JaromírStrain-Range Dependent Cyclic Plasticity Material Model Calibration for the 08Ch18N10T Steel
Havlík LukášBez příspěvku
Heczko JanModelling of ageing and fatigue under large strains
Hora PetrThe guided waves modelling - a spectral method approach.
Horák ZdeněkFE analyses and experimental validation of heat distribution during hole drilling
Hrouda AlešExperimental and numerical research of the structure made of geopolymer composite
Hučko BranislavAkaike information criterion and cartilage models
Hynčík LuděkMotorcyclist barrier impact: a comparative study
Chamrad JakubA comparison of different size of fixation mini-plates using computational modeling
Jančo RolandExperimental and Numerical Solution of Friction Stir Welding
Kašpárek MilošPressure relationships in the area of hemodialysis access when determining the blood flow rate through in the vein using the dilution method.
Klesa JanMethod for the Preliminary Design of the Fan Propulsion System
Kocáb JiříIdentification of material parameters of cork-rubber composite based on uniaxial and biaxial experiments
Kottner RadekComputational model of plastic shoulder protector
Kouba JanNumerical simulation of thermomechanical phenomena and fluid flow inside a small chamber
Kraus KarelOptimization of a Dynamic Vibration Absorber with Multiple Degrees of Freedom
Krejčová MiladaMyosin Motor Movement Controlled by a Potential Barrier
Kruisová Alena Full dispersion analysis of the Newmark family in finite element method in elastodynamics
Křen JiříBiomechanics in Clinical Practice
Kůrečka JanAcoustic modal analysis of water filled pipe
Lepš MatějSensitivity Analysis of Laser Drawing Process of Mg tubes
Lukeš VladimírTowards smart porous piezoelectric materials
Machovská IlonaCorrected Signal to noise ratio and Mutual information for accuracy determination in PIV
Machů TomášComputational study of a novel valveless piston pump for marco scale
Marvalova BohdanaBez příspěvku
Masák JanBez příspěvku
Medůna OndřejStiffness analysis of the helmet
Michálek TomášModelling of effects of a locomotive three-axle bogie on track
Mochar DominikExperimental and finite element analysis of composite gun barrels
Moravcová FannyShape optimization of obstacles in incompressible viscous flow using OpenFOAM.
Mračko MichalCritical time step estimators in explicit dynamics
Murín JustínNon-uniform torsion modal analysis of thin-walled FGM beams .
Náprstek JiříStochastic stability of the generalized van der Pol system under random additive excitation
Padovec ZdeněkStatic and Fatigue Testing of Composite External Fixator
Pecka AlešValidation of a fluid-structure interaction code based on the discontinuous Galerkin method
Pečínka LadislavExperimental verification of the friction and fretting wear coefficients for strong adhesionof two unlubricated surfaces
Petríková IvaExperimental research and modelling of the response of magnetorheological elastomers to cyclic load.
Poduška JanAsymmetry in CRB specimen and its influence on test results
Polach PavelComputational and experimental investigation of rotor dynamics with fluid film instabilities
Rendl JanSuspension Design and Tire Modelling of Formula SAE
Repka MiroslavThe numerical studies of symmetric and non-symmetric strain gradient theory of elasticity
Rohan EduardThe computational homogenization for modelling of large deforming fluid saturated porous media
Rosenberg JosefTime-Reversibly Thermostatic Oscillators in the Modelling of Dynein
Rudolf PavelReduced order model of laminar Karman vortex street
Sátor LadislavTransient analysis of thin FGM plates with multi-gradation coupling effects
Stancek StanislavBez příspěvku
Steinbauer PavelModal testing as a tool for composite damage detection?
Stojan RichardAdvanced control systems in vehicle flow simulations
Sváček Petr On boundary conditionsons for flow induced vibrations of human vocal folds model
Šedlbauer DavidRandom Heterogeneous Materials: Wang Tile Size vs Circular Particle Packing
Šika ZbyněkDesign and Optimization of Additional Piezo-actuated Platform of Cable Mechanism
Špička JanApplication of the Neural Networks for Evaluation of Structural Steel Material Properties based on Small Punch Test Results
Špirk StanislavSimulations of explosions for improvements of passivesafety
Štorkán JaroslavNumerical simulation of the human phonation - videokymography records
Tran Xuan TienFEM model of pneumatic spring supported by a rigid plate.
Turjanicová JanaQuasi-static model of ionic transport through deformable porous media
Volech JiříH-inf Control of Additional Piezo-actuated Platform of Cable Mechanism
Voltr OndřejInfluence of initial imperfections of changing amplitude on the laterally loaded cylindrical shell
Vychytil JanBez příspěvku
Winter OndřejInteraction of Incompressible Fluid Flow and a Vibrating Airfoil
Zapoměl JaroslavReducing energy losses in the supports of rotating machines by application of smart materials
Zavřel JanModelování kuličkového gelu
Zeman VladimírModelling of the nuclear fuel assembly with impact interactions
Zrůbek LukášMicromechanical Quantities Based on Wang Tiles with Local Tilings


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