Computational Mechanics 2021

Registered participants and their talks
Balon AlešUnsteady vortex lattice method for an active morphing airfoil
Bauma VáclavVault principle in joining robots
Bayer JanSolving the moving mass problem on large finite element models with modal analysis – estimation of the discrete movement error
Bělohoubek MarekComparison of computational approaches for the efficient analysis of airfoil dynamics
Beneš PetrImproving dexterity of tensegrity structures using a set of local linear models
Bońkowski TomaszSupport of the numerical mechanics in the clarification of the mysterious death of Jan Masaryk
Brož PetrSome solutions to crack growth effects in metallic materials - crack shape progress and plasticity induced crack closure simulation
Bublík OndřejFast blade shape optimization based on a neural-network-predicted flow field
Bulín RadekInfluence of various constraints in topology optimization of tensegrity structures using mixed integer linear programming
Burkotová JanaShape optimization of nonlinear Gao beam
Byrtus MiroslavNo talk
Camprová Turjanicová JanaElectrolyte flow through piezoelectric porous media and its application to two-scale cortical bone modeling
Cimrman RobertAssessment of Python tensor contraction packages in the context of finite element evaluations
Čečrdle JiříAeroelastic response analysis of turboprop aircraft including effects of powerplant rotating mass
Čermák MartinConveyor belts - predictive maintenance
Dupal JanInvestigation of critical rotor revolution in rotating space
Dušková VeronikaIn-silico study of flow-mediated thrombosis in portal vein reconstructions
Dyk ŠtěpánFrequency lock-in phenomenon in structures with aeroelastic couplings
Egermaier JiříSome aspects of isogeometric analysis discretization of the incompressible fluid flow problem
Elbarghthi Anas F. A. Ejector-boosted transcritical R744 refrigeration system
Fischer CyrilDescription of the quasi-periodic response caused by combined harmonic and random excitation
Frost MiroslavMacroscopic constitutive model for NiTi shape memory alloys: Formulation, numerical implementation, and application in materials research
Fürst JiříNumerical simulation of flows in discharge objects with siphon
Guran ArdeshirTemperature variations of microfiber textiles subject to DC voltage
Hajžman MichalEffect of multiple pantographs on their dynamic interaction with a catenary system
Halada TomášNo talk
Halamka VojtěchDesign, modelling and analysis of concepts of planar serial robots based on tensegrity structures
Havlíček OndřejImplementation of a modified unified viscoplastic constitutive model
Havlík LukášNo talk
Heidler VáclavEulerian-Lagrangian and Eulerian-Eulerian approaches for the simulation of particle-laden free surface flow
Hermann DenisDesign of experimental transsonic axial compressor
Hrabačka MartinForm-finding of tensegrity structures based on defined topology and following semi-automatic creation of corresponding Simscape models
Hračov StanislavAerodynamic wind tunnel testing of U-beams
Huu Nam TranNumerical computation of stress relaxation of isotropic magnetorheological elastomer using fractional viscoelastic models
Hynčík LuděkSubject-specific human body (sub-)models developed by morphing
Jansová MagdalenaBiomechanical comparison of five implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur
Ježek OndřejAssessment of post-processing capabilities in selected software for topology optimization
Karlíček JindřichStructural health monitoring during white-noise vibration testing using total harmonic distortion
Kepka MiloslavPractical notes on the evaluation of fatigue life of welded nodes of bus bodyworks
Klepač VilémUse of advanced kinematic hardening rules for prediction of multiaxial ratcheting
Klesa JanAerodynamic design of transsonic compressor airfoil family
Kohút JiříIn vitro structured tree model of the peripheral vascular network
Kratochvíl AlešNo talk
Kraus KarelExperimental based tuning of active absorber
Krejčová MiladaDesign of cooling system of power-electronics
Krivošej JanVibration suppression using nonlinear control of active absorber
Kruisová AlenaModelling approaches to the stress wave propagation in a cracked specimen
Krystek JanInfluence of surface structure of composite on adhesive joint shear strength
Křen JiříNo talk
Kult JaroslavDoE analysis of the spherical joint friction torque
Laš VladislavNo talk
Ledvinková BlankaNumerical study of the flow around the U-profile
Lobovský LiborComputational modelling of pelvic ring osteosynthesis by minimally invasive fixation techniques
Lukeš VladimírGeneration of artificial vascular trees - constrained constructive optimization approach
Macák PavelMethod of shifted order spectra – identification of spatial orders of electric machines
Malá AnnaFinite element analysis of composite tubes with integrated loop technology joints
Mandys TomášInfluence of potting geometry of inserts load-carrying capability in sandwich structure
Medůna OndřejModeling of large deformation of the foam part using LS-DYNA
Molčan MichalNew Test Device Design for Static Ferrofluid Magnetic Sealing
Moravcová FannyAcoustic streaming of viscous fluid in a confining layer with vibrating walls - numerical simulations
Moravec JanNo talk
Naď MilanControl of modal properties of beam structures using the reinforcing core
Náprstek JiříNo talk
Očenášek JanStudy of anharmonic vibrational properties in 3D crystals using molecular dynamics simulations
Otta Josef No talk
Padovec ZdeněkDevelopment of composite element joining keel beam and aircraft fuselage
Pavlata PetrComputational assessment of hinge deformation of the tilting sidewall of the truck body
Pavlík OndřejNo talk
Pawlik VítControl of the electrodynamic shaker with additional force sources
Pecka AlešFluid-structure interaction algorithm for an elastic structure with large deformations
Pešek LuděkNumerical and experimental solutions of dynamics of bladed disc assembly with inner couplings in the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
Plánička StanislavScrew expander: The expansion solver
Pokorný JanCalculation of stiffness and damping coefficients of hydrodynamic lemon-bore journal bearings
Polach PavelResearch on the utilization of mechatronic tensegrities in robotics
Prasad Chandra ShekharNo talk
Radová JanaInverse problem for nonlinear Gao beam and foundation
Rendl JanInfluence of mesh density on the analysis of textured journal bearings
Rendlová ZdeňkaScrew expander: Working chamber analysis to maximize transmitted torque
Rohan EduardFlow in poro-piezoelectric media induced by persitaltic deformation waves - homogenization approach
Rolník LadislavNo talk
Rosenberg JosefFractional-order model of the Cajal-like interstitial cell
Růžička MilanPitfalls and myths when designing from composite materials
Sedláček RadekNo talk
Slováček MarekVirtual manufacturing numerical simulation as real support of industry – cost decreasing and increasing of quality
Smolík LubošEffects of journal and housing roundness errors on dynamics of journal bearings
Sova LiborNo talk
Sváček PetrOn mathematical models of airflow in a glottal channel model periodically closed by flow induced vocal folds vibration
Svárovský JiříDevelopment of autonomous experimental setup to investigate directional distortional hardening under biaxial loading
Šika ZbyněkPlanar and spatial active absorbers for entire vibration suppression
Šlapák JiříBehaviour of the rail load parameter B defined by the standard EN 14363
Šnábl PavelNumerical and experimental investigation of the flow field in five blade linear cascade in subsonic flow
Šulda JakubIdentification of viscoelastic material properties using the analysis of waves propagated in thin rods
Talimian AbbasVirthuman application for family safety in highly automated vehicle’s frontal crash
Valášek Jan Dynamic mode decomposition and its application to the flutter analysis
Valdman JanFast MATLAB evaluation of nonlinear energies using FEM in 2D and 3D: nodal elements
Valenta JakubInfluence of an atmosphere at an airplane flutter velocity
Vampola TomášComputational modeling of human voice production
Vychytil JanInnovative active head restraint system in car: Virtual prototyping and safety assessment
Winter OndřejA high order discontinuous Galerkin method for fluid-structure interaction
Zámečníková TerezaComparison of analytical methods and FE models to calculate the stiffness of a wound composite beam
Zapoměl JaroslavThe fuzzy approach for investigation of the steady-state response of rotors excited by loading effects of uncertain magnitude
Zavřel JanTrajectory planning for tensegrity structures
Zeman VladimírModelling of nuclear fuel assemblies vibration in mutual interaction
Žák JosefProblematics of curved laminated composites
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