Numerical investigation of aerodynamic action on track vicinity within the electric locomotive operation
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 215 - 224
J. Novák (corresponding author: )

The paper deals with the numerical investigation of aerodynamic loads on railway track vicinity within the passage of the train set consisting of the electric locomotive ŠKODA 109E and three passenger carriages. In agreement with requirements specified in TSI (Technical specification for Interoperability) railway safety standards following two different train operating modes were simulated – train passage in open space and train passage along the platform. In both the cases the train operates on a straight track with 200 km/h speed of motion, which is the maximum operational speed of the locomotive. The main results of the problem solution represent time-variations of pressure and velocity recorded in defined locations in track vicinity and a report of the aerodynamic force affecting the reference cylinder in a horizontal plane within the train passage. The values obtained are compared to the relevant reference values, which are published in TSI safety standards for the particular train operating mode.


computational fluid dynamics, railway application, Technical Specification for Interoperability, aerodynamic loading, open air

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