Condensation of flowing steam with binary nucleation of NaCl and water
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 313 - 320
M. Šťastný (corresponding author: )
M. Šejna

The effects of chemistry on the flowing steam nucleation are in particular unexplained. An approach is used in the paper which is based on binary nucleation of main impurity NaCl and water. Physical and mathematical models are described and are applied on the steam flow with condensation in convergent-divergent nozzle. Binary nucleation numerical model is applied for the calculation of the flow with condensation in nozzle with expansion rate in divergent nozzle part P = 4 500 s-1. The flow in the nozzle is smooth and it is possible to observe only a small delay of the pressure and a small shock of the temperature downstream of the nozzle throat.


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