Influence of particles-matrix interphase on stress distribution in particulate composite with polymer matrix
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 143 - 148
Z. Majer (corresponding author: )
P. Hutař
L. Náhlík
Z. Knésl

In this paper fracture behaviour of particulate composite (CaCO3 – PP) is studied. Attention is focused mainly to the influence of interphase between particles and matrix on stress distribution and on micro-crack propagation in composite matrix. The composite was modeled as three-phase continuum and numerically simulated on a microscopic scale using the finite element program ANSYS. Simplified two-dimensional model is used for estimation of hypothetical micro-cracks path prediction. The influence of interphase properties on fracture toughness for particle reinforced polymer composite is discussed.


particulate composite, crack propagation, interphase, CaCO3 – PP composite

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