Experimental investigation of interaction between a vehicle and its occupants
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 335 - 342

This paper presents some results of measurements performed on a probant in a vehicle during selected manoeuvres. The main objective of these experiments is to obtain data on the behaviour of a human body with and without visual information and in different contact configurations with vehicle. The probant played both roles of a passenger and a driver as well.
About twelve signals on vehicle states consisting of different accelerations, vehicle absolute velocity, directional deviation and roll as well as yaw angles have been measured.
The probant’s motion was captured by two cameras and furthermore nine accelerations were measured on the probant. In order to get the information on the probant’s muscular activity during the manoeuvres sixteen electromyography sensors have been placed on his body.
The measurements presented in this paper should give a basis for a model of a so-called “mechatronic dummy”, which is a computer dummy with a feedback controlled musculature.


comfort, vibration, electromyography, vehicle design

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