Eigenfrequency sensitivity analysis of flexible rotors
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 289 - 298
J. Šašek (corresponding author:  jsasek@kme.zcu.cz )

This paper deals with sensitivity analysis of eigenfrequencies from the viewpoint of design parameters. The sensitivity analysis is applied to a rotor which consists of a shaft and a disk. The design parameters of sensitivity analysis are the disk radius and the disk width. The shaft is modeled as a 1D continuum using shaft finite elements. The disks of rotating systems are commonly modeled as rigid bodies. The presented approach to the disk modeling is based on a 3D flexible continuum discretized using hexahedral finite elements. The both components of the rotor are connected together by special proposed couplings. The whole rotor is modeled in rotating coordinate system with considering rotation influences (gyroscopic and dynamics stiffness matrices).


rotor dynamics, modal analysis, sensitivity analysis, solid elements, shaft elements

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