Stress wave propagation in thin long-fiber carbon/epoxy composite panel. Numerical and experimental solutions.
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 127 - 136
T. Kroupa (corresponding author: )
J. Červ
F. Valeš

The article deals with experimental and numerical analysis of stress wave propagation in a thin long fiber carbon/epoxy composite material. Experiments were performed on in-plane loaded square composite panels with dimensions 501mm × 501mm × 2.2 mm. The panels have several fiber orientations (0◦, 30◦, 60◦ and 90◦ measured from the loaded edge). They were loaded by in-plane impact of steel sphere. The impact area was on the edge, exactly 150mm from top left corners corner of the panels. The loading force was approximated by a time dependent function. Its shape was obtained from three dimensional contact analysis, which was performed on smaller area of panel. The function was used in further plane stress analysis of the whole panels. The comparison of the numerical and experimental results was executed. An attempt at determination of velocity of propagation of Rayleigh waves on the loaded edge was performed and the results are discussed in the paper. Further directions of the research are proposed.


FRP composite, carbon, epoxy, orthotropic, Stress wave, Rayleigh waves, FEM, numerical, experimental, impact, plane stress, in-plane loading

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