Modelling and modal properties of the railway vehicle bogie with two individual wheelset drives
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 371 - 380
V. Zeman (corresponding author: )
Z. Hlaváč
M. Byrtus

The paper deals with mathematical modelling of vibration and modal analysis of two-axled bogie of a railway vehicle. In comparison with recent publications introducing mathematical models of an individual wheelset drive, this paper is focused on modelling of complex bogie vibration. The bogie frame is linked by primary suspension to the two wheelset drives with hollow shafts and by secondary suspension to the car body. The method is based on the system decomposition into three subsystems – two individual wheelset drives including the mass of the rail and the bogie frame coupled with a half of the car body – and on modelling of couplings among subsystems. The eigenvalues of a linearized autonomous model and stability conditions are investigated in dependence on longitudinal creepage and forward velocity of the railway vehicle. The nonlinear model will be used for investigating the dynamic loading of bogie components caused by different types of excitation.


railway vehicle bogie, two-axled bogie, bogie vibration, eigenvalues, stability

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