Bifurcation phenomena in internal dynamics of gear systems
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 53 - 62
M. Hortel (corresponding author: )
A. Škuderová

The impact effects in gear mesh represent specific phenomena in the dynamic investigation of highspeed light transmission systems with kinematic couplings. They are caused of greater dynamic than static-elastic deformations in meshing gear profiles. In term of internal dynamics they are influenced among others by time heteronomous stiffness functions in gear mesh and resonance tuning of stiffness level. The damping in gear mesh and in gear system is concerned significantly in the amplitude progress, greatness and phase shift of relative motion towards stiffness function alternatively towards its modify form in gear mesh. In consequence of these and another actions rise above resonance characteristics certain singular locations with jump amplitude course.


nonlinear dynamics, parametric systems, motions with impacts

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