Hammer crusher - influences of design and execution of vibroprotection and machine properties on vibration intensity
Applied and Computational Mechanics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 149 - 154
D. Makovička (corresponding author:  makovic@klok.cvut.cz )
J. Šmejkal

On an example of a hammer crusher the author analyzes the factors participating in the proper operation of any machine. Their number includes the estimate of load magnitude, the safety reserves in its determination, the influence of material characteristics of the machine, vibration isolation and subgrade, the influence of the execution of vibroprotection arising from installation inaccuracies and, last but not least, the influence of the machine design. The individual factors are assessed quantitatively and qualitatively on the example of a comparison of response produced by a theoretical model and experimental results.


hammer crusher, vibroprotection, dynamic analysis

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